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Books by Elmer Kelton

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Elmer Kelton's The Unlikely Lawman: A Hewey Calloway Adventure (Hewey Calloway, 4) Mass Market Paperback – July 26, 2022


Elmer Kelton’s Hewey Calloway, one of the best-loved cowboys in all of Western fiction, returns in this novel of his middling years, as he looks for work―but not too much work―in 1904 West Texas.

Hewey Calloway is heading north to Colorado, on a horse drive for an old friend, Alvin Lawdermilk, when he gets word that one of his hired hands is planning to rob him. After the plot is foiled, the fugitive horsehand is on the run and leaving bodies in his wake.

Deputized to help bring the criminal to justice, Hewey is bestowed with a weight of responsibility that he's long avoided. Never known for his skill―or lack thereof―with a pistol, he can only pray that he and retired Texas Ranger Hanley Baker will be enough to put an end to this trail of dastardly deeds.

Steve Kelton's The Unlikely Lawman will transport you to an Old West full of duplicity, gunfights, and the often-unforgiving hardships of frontier life.


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Law of the Land: Stories of the Old West Mass Market Paperback – October 25, 2022


An action-packed collection of stories of the old West, Law of the Land includes the never-before-published "Biscuits for a Bandit."

Sixteen stories, where good meets bad, and everything in between, from the legendary author of the west, Elmer Kelton. The Law of the Land chronicles some of his most exciting and dangerous tales of the old west, collected together for the first time.



No one writes the old west like Seven-time Spur Award-winning author Elmer Kelton. In The Cowboy Way, Kelton captures the action, adventure, brotherhood and betrayal of the old west, chronicling the highs and lows of cowboy life in these sixteen stories, collected together for the first time.



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Each of Elmer Kelton’s superb stories of the West showcase the strength and power western spirit. They are filled with marvelous characters―from a rodeo clown who seeks redemption via romance, to an outlaw who comes to the aid of ranchers with no other recourse to justice. Powerful Western women feature as importantly as the menfolk here, including a cattle buyer’s daughter who can hold her own with any man on the trail, a renowned lady outlaw who rules her gang with her gun, and a judge’s daughter who is determined to end local mob rule, as “the day of the gun is almost over.” You will meet characters whose devotions and decisions enthrall you long after you put the book down.

Imbued with an adventurous spirit, Hard Ride is filled with many heartfelt glimpses into the authentic experience of the American West. These stories encompass an enormous array of scenes from the early days of the Wild West into the twentieth century. Readers of all ages can enjoy these tales, each one filled with a passion for life that’s as vast as the Texas prairie.



An anthology of three novellas, by three of the best western writers of yesterday and today.



Includes Elmer Kelton's short story "The Last Indian Fight in Kerr County"


The Western novel is unique to America, its characters diverse, and its canvas of subject matter infinitely broad. The authors in this story collection make up a perfect model of these criteria. Elmer Kelton, who wrote primarily about Texas, is regarded by his peers as the best to ever write in the genre. Literary scholars have considered his novel The Time It Never Rained a classic American work. Multi award-winning author John D. Nesbitt is noted as one of the fresher voices writing Westerns today. In 2009 and 2010, Nesbitt won three back-to-back Spur Awards for his novels and short fiction. Best-selling author Don Bendell has featured his character Joshua Strongheart--and Strongheart's Native American heritage--in both his military thrillers and his historical Western novels. Bendell is often compared to the iconic Western writer Louis L'Amour. Texas author Mike Kearby, winner of the Will Rogers Medallion Award, has become a favorite of Western fans world-wide. Kearby also has a strong youth following and has ventured into graphic novels. Steven Law's novel Yuma Gold was a number one best-seller on, and his fans have labeled him the twenty-first century's best Western writer. D. B. Jackson, whose debut novel, They Rode Good Horses, grabbed the attention of Western and mainstream readers, has been considered, by his editor, to be the heir to Elmer Kelton's audience. Also included in this collection is a special treat from literary scholar and Texas native L. D. Clark. Taken from his novel A Bright Tragic Thing, Clark has penned a screenplay based on the Civil War hangings in Gainesville, Texas, which claimed the life of his great-grandfather. This anthology is a clear representation of the classics of Western writing, but also for now, and for the future.

The Hewey Calloway Series








THE GOOD OLD BOYS was made into a TNT original movie starring Tommy Lee Jones. It is now available on DVD.

The Buckalew Family Series








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